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Independence Day- July Fourth

Issuing time:2022-06-30 13:21

Independence Day historical events


Independence Day (Independence Day, also called Fourth of out, 4 th of out or out Fourth) is one of the main statutory holiday, the date for each year on July 4, to commemorate on July 4, 1776, the continental congress in Philadelphia formally adopted the declaration of Independence.

The declaration of independence drafted by Thomas Jefferson, the continental congress on July 4 1776 and modified by special committee, and by the continental congress President John Hancock signed. Open 'clarify the declaration of independence, and all life is equal, has the right to pursue happiness and freedom; Incisively and vividly paper recounted the crimes committed by the British colonialists in America; Finally solemnly declared independence from Britain the United States of America. The declaration of independence is the history of the world significance of great literature. Through the declaration of independence, the day has also become the people of the United States always memorable holiday, independence day as the United States.

Independence Day Related Accessories

Some of the most obvious signs that the appearance of Christmas has come to include the following things: every household will get ready for your arrival in this special festival, people will use some flag, flag hat, whistling, hangs whistle, horn, clap your hands, ms with straps, lovely mask, and some props, used to celebrate a festival dynamic atmosphere needs to add to the color of the festival.


There will be many parades in the streets, at that time and you need more accessories to modify floats, people need to shoulder straps, hats and so on to dress himself. There are many souvenirs was essential, you will buy some souvenirs to celebrate this day every year.

Independence Day Celebration

The American people are always in a variety of ways to express the celebrations. America's independence day, like religion, folk festival grand, people to clean the yard before holiday, household adornment, hang the national flag. Of the American celebration of National Day a big characteristic, is spontaneous public participation is very high. To this day, need not mobilization, called on the federal government, some local and non-governmental organizations or community organization, will organize some ritual activities, such as float parade, fireworks, etc., held a variety of outdoor art Show (act), the average American is also very happy to attend. Early independence day celebration mainly parades and speech, and a certain religious color. Then increase the outdoor activities, sports, etc. Setting off firecrackers, fireworks activities is also very popular, once be cancelled after the 20th century, in case of danger. Until now, the residents around the parade spontaneously, some as old pastor or sit on horseback at aristocratic miss antique wagon.

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