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HALLOWEEN for every October 31. Samhain is November 1, the eve of the festival, commonly known as Halloween, this night is the most "haunted" night of the year, so also called "Halloween". 

Halloween originated in ancient Celtic national (Celtic) New Year festival, this is also a sacrifice revenant moment, in avoiding the evil spirit interference at the same time, also with food worship of ancestors and good spirit to pray for peace through the cold winter. The children will put on makeup suits the night, wear a mask, door-to-door to collect candy. Halloween, many public places and yard that occupy the home, can decorate on a lot of decoration, such as various types of ghosts, such as pumpkin lamp, and black cats and the witch's broom; The children will put on is not the same as the annual Halloween costume, carry the jack-o-lantern carry basket to go door to door for sugar, saying is "was catnip or treat".


In order to meet the arrival of the Halloween need to dress up, our company is selling Halloween pumpkin lights, all kinds of the shape of the mask, gloves, clothing, cloak, bandages, hats, a variety of props, in detail you can click on the image below for understanding...


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